Warm weather, beautiful natural views, and vibrant city life: what isn’t there to love about California? Making the move to the West Coast can be exciting if you’re looking forward to the warm climate and laid-back culture – but for out-of-towners, it can be difficult to know what to expect if they are new to the area. Once you push through the bustle of packing and moving, you’ll find yourself needing to adapt to your new life as a Californian. Below, I’ve outlined a few aspects of California life you’ll certainly come across.


Valet Parking


Valet parking is extremely common at many different establishments in California due to a lack of readily-accessible parking spaces. Don’t be surprised if you find valet parking available at your neighborhood Denny’s, or even at a local bar! Valet service poses a convenient way to safely handle your car and save you the time you might otherwise spend fruitlessly searching for a parking spot.


Healthy Lifestyles


Most people in California practice a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes eating organic food and exercising regularly throughout the week. Practicing yoga or going on a bike ride is encouraged and common to those who want to improve their health. You’ll find plenty of restaurants that cater this healthy-eating culture by featuring organic or gluten-free menu items.




Prepare to sit in traffic when you turn onto the highway. Cities in California tend to be densely populated; as a result, commuters often spend much longer on the road each day than they might have in a less congested area. Commute times during the week are long, and movement during the weekends isn’t much better. However, you may be able to cut down on travel time by taking pricier – but faster! – toll roads. Most cities in California also have well-run public transit systems if you would prefer to avoid the highway jam.




Though Los Angeles might be the most fashion-conscious city in the state, California as a whole is known for its vibrant fashion scene. Many people embrace designer labels and polished clothing, leading to an impressive mix of fashionable looks in the city. This trend towards fashion does encourage investment in pricey clothing – so be aware of how much you spend on your appearance if you face budgetary constraints!


You won’t find heavy rain or snow in California, where the temperature is almost always warm – regardless of whether it’s in the middle of summer or in the depths of winter. This consistent climate and the state’s geography allows for a great deal of flexibility. While you can enjoy heading out to the beach or lounge poolside in any season, you also have the option of traveling to one of the state’s  many mountain ranges to take part in cold-weather sports such as skiing and snowboarding.