Let’s face it: no one wants to go outside when the temperature plummets. As a result, most people tend to get less exercise during the cooler seasons than they would during summer and fall. But all is not lost; opportunities to keep up a fitness plan arise even during the coolest months. Here, I outline just a few of them. Enjoy!


Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun winter sport that you can take up with your friends. As an aerobic exercise, you can be sure to get a good workout during a trip to your local rink. To get the most out of the activity, consider switching between forward- and backward-skating, or break up your even pace with periodic “sprints” across the rink.


Indoor Sports

Some sports are accessible regardless of whether the weather outside is rainy, sunny, or snowy. There are many types of indoor sports that one can play, including basketball, racquetball, and various swim or yoga classes. Join a team or sign up at your local gym to take advantage of indoor classes and exercises during the winter months.


Indoor Walking

Even the most boring corporate buildings offer ample opportunity for exercise. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you head to work, or visit the mall for an hour or more. You might be surprised at the workout you get by walking and climbing all of a shopping center’s levels.


Home Workout Videos

There are many workout videos available on DVD, YouTube, and health channels that help weatherbound people stay active indoors. Search online for aerobic workout routines and make a point of using them at least three times per week to get the most out of indoor exercise. It may help to have some workout props such as weights, stability ball, and resistance bands on-hand if you plan to do classes like yoga or pilates indoors. For the best workouts, consider putting together a high-intensity cardio workout!


Jogging in Place

Multitasking is the key to indoor fitness success. Try jogging or skipping in place while watching television or listening to your favorite podcast. This workout is similar to using the treadmill at the gym. If you want to spice up your routine, consider adding squats or pushups to your workout during commercials.



It may seem silly, but playing your favorite upbeat songs and dancing for twenty minutes can be a great way to slip a workout into an otherwise busy day, especially as it can be done while you cook dinner or wait for laundry to finish.


Stair Climbing

If you have stairs at home, you can use them to exercise. Walk or run up and down the stairs for several minutes for a high intensity cardio workout. At work and in public places  choose to use the stairs rather than the elevator to work your leg muscles.