Let’s face it: not everyone likes the outdoors. Dealing with your nature-phobic friends can be tricky, especially if all you want to do is take that winding hike through a nearby nature preserve or go camping during your springtime vacation. But don’t worry; all hope may not be lost quite yet! Sometimes, the key to convincing your friends that a trip into the great outdoors is better than the sum of their mosquito bites and sunburns is a matter of planning a trip you know they’ll enjoy. Take them outside! After a few months of exploration, they might just find themselves as in love with nature as you are. Here are a few tips to get them started!


Sign them up for events now (and ask them later)

Maybe your friends aren’t wild about the idea of that summertime 4k or music-and-hiking nature trip – but have they really given it a go yet? Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Some people just need a little nudge to realize just how great outdoor life can be – and signing them up might just be impetus they need to embrace their nature-loving side. Take initiative by signing your friend up for a beginner’s event!


Bribe them!

Nothing wrong with a little bribe here and there! There are many ways to go about this technique- find something they like to do and give it to them. After they do something outside with you, of course. Your best friend likes shopping? Tell her you’ll trade some outdoor time for shopping time and make a day of it. Guy friend loves beer? Have you ever sat back and enjoyed a cool beer after a full day of playing in the sun? Sometimes, friendship is all about compromise.


Ask them what they want to do, and do it with them

Even interested friends might be a little hesitant to embark on a trip or nature-based adventure if they haven’t experienced much of the outdoors before. Ask them what kind of events and pursuit they might want to do, then make those interests a reality! After they see how much fun exploring the outdoors can be, you can introduce them to some of the more challenging pursuits that you enjoy.


If you have the time, make a trip out of it

Planning a trip to go hiking, white-water rafting, or climbing can be an experience you all end up remembering fondly for the rest of your lives. Get creative, and make it happen!


There are many things you can do outdoors and the more you can get people you love involved, the more fun everyone is bound to have. Remember: at first you might need to compromise with your friends and give them the time and space they need to get used to being outdoors – but then you can pile on the adventure!