It’s no secret that hiking gear can get expensive! Learning how to preserve it is important if you want to get the most bang for your buck and have gear that both lasts and works at its full capacity. With a little maintenance and depending on how rough you are in your adventures- some of your gear can end up lasting for years on end and maybe even a lifetime. Here’s how you do it:


Buy Gear from a Reputable Brand With a Warranty

Branding does make a difference in the outdoor industry. When you’re frequently using your gear or wanting it to last it is best to invest in high-quality materials. A warranty will fix any problem you end up having with your gear; simply send it in to receive a new product! It’s easy, effective, and will save you money in the long run.


Don’t Push Your Gear Too Hard

Of course, we all get a little reckless here and there. But try to keep that to yourself and don’t wreak havoc on your precious gear. It is there to help you after all!


Clean Your Gear Regularly

Cleaning your gear – especially when it comes to hydration packs and water/food reservoirs- will drastically increase its lifespan. If you let food or liquids sit in your packs for too long, you might reach the point of no return – and as we all know, having to throw away good gear is never fun!


Minimize Sliding

If you have a backpack on, try to minimize the time you spend sliding down rocky terrain. This can tear your pack to shreds and put you in a tough spot for the rest of the hike.


Watch Your Step, Preserve Your Shoes

When looking to preserve the health of your shoes it is best to avoid sharp rocks and roots as much as you can. Of course, you are in nature and your shoes are supposed to be built for the terrain but stepping with a little mindfulness can make the difference in your shoes lasting months versus years.


Invest in Seam Grip

Seam grip is like super glue. It can be used on your gear to help repair holes in clothes or sleeping mats, rips in tents, punctures in a water reservoir- you name it. It’s a tiny tube that will fit conveniently in your pack and could help you immensely during your trek.


Dedicate yourself to the preservation of your gear by following these tips. You won’t regret it!