Let’s face it; the nine-to-five working grind is exhausting. Few workers punch their time card at the end of a long working day and decide to go for a 5K run, a mountain hike, or even on a to the gym in the few hours of daylight they have to themselves. According to the OECD, Americans work an average of 1,786 hours per year, or roughly 34 hours per week. Many would argue that the workload posed by those hours doesn’t allow for an athletic commitment, and that sports are better left to those with time to commit: college kids and professional athletes.

However, a full-time job doesn’t have to preclude adults from exercise – nor should it! According to the American Heart Association, adults should either commit to a half hour of moderate aerobic exercise five days per week, or to twenty-five minutes of intense aerobic exercise three times a week in order to stay healthy and fit. This goal may seem daunting, but any adult can incorporate exercise into their weekly routine with a little work. Read on for a few ideas!


Join a team at your local health club or gym.

This is a great option for anyone who needs outside motivation to exercise regularly. When you join a sports team, you make yourself accountable to your teammates – you can’t simply stay home on game day because you would rather watch television than participate on the field. Look for team flyers at your local gym or community center!


Take athletic classes.

Time is money – literally. By signing up for regular classes, reluctant athletes make a financial commitment to exercise on a weekly basis. Look into different options – you may find that you enjoy yoga, dance, or even water aerobics more than you thought you would.


Find an exercise partner.

It’s hard to roll over and sleep in the morning if you have an equally tired friend waiting for you at the track. Find a fitness buddy, and keep each other accountable!


Schedule trips to the gym into your routine.

It’s true – working adults usually don’t have a lot of time to spare for long camping trips or mountain hikes. They do, however, usually have an hour or two to spare for the gym. Invest in a gym membership, then take another look at your schedule. Commit to spending 45 minutes at the gym at least three times per week. The first few days will be hard; but you may eventually find yourself looking forward to a workout at the end of a stressful day!