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How to Preserve Your Hiking Gear

How to Preserve Your Hiking Gear

It’s no secret that hiking gear can get expensive! Learning how to preserve it is important if you want to get the most bang for your buck and have gear that both lasts and works at its full capacity. With a little maintenance and depending on how rough you are in your adventures- some of your gear can end up lasting for years on end and maybe even a lifetime. Here’s how you do it:


Buy Gear from a Reputable Brand With a Warranty

Branding does make a difference in the outdoor industry. When you’re frequently using your gear or wanting it to last it is best to invest in high-quality materials. A warranty will fix any problem you end up having with your gear; simply send it in to receive a new product! It’s easy, effective, and will save you money in the long run.


Don’t Push Your Gear Too Hard

Of course, we all get a little reckless here and there. But try to keep that to yourself and don’t wreak havoc on your precious gear. It is there to help you after all!


Clean Your Gear Regularly

Cleaning your gear – especially when it comes to hydration packs and water/food reservoirs- will drastically increase its lifespan. If you let food or liquids sit in your packs for too long, you might reach the point of no return – and as we all know, having to throw away good gear is never fun!


Minimize Sliding

If you have a backpack on, try to minimize the time you spend sliding down rocky terrain. This can tear your pack to shreds and put you in a tough spot for the rest of the hike.


Watch Your Step, Preserve Your Shoes

When looking to preserve the health of your shoes it is best to avoid sharp rocks and roots as much as you can. Of course, you are in nature and your shoes are supposed to be built for the terrain but stepping with a little mindfulness can make the difference in your shoes lasting months versus years.


Invest in Seam Grip

Seam grip is like super glue. It can be used on your gear to help repair holes in clothes or sleeping mats, rips in tents, punctures in a water reservoir- you name it. It’s a tiny tube that will fit conveniently in your pack and could help you immensely during your trek.


Dedicate yourself to the preservation of your gear by following these tips. You won’t regret it!

Quick Tips for Campsite Cooking

Quick Tips for Campsite Cooking

Finding a good meal can be tricky on the trail. If you’re venturing out on a day hike, you most likely won’t need to be cooking anything since you can easily return home in time for dinner. On a multi-day hike, however, you may find yourself wanting to have some hot food or drinks. But all’s not lost; if you find yourself unsure of what to bring for sustenance during a hiking trip, consider a few of the below options!

Your Options

There are a few different methods of cooking food on a multi-day hike. They include:

  • You can take raw ingredients with you and prepare hot meals on the trail. This option takes time, fuel, pre-decided ingredients, and extra supplies. Remember, you probably won’t be able to take perishables with you unless you carry a cooler!
  • You can pack pre-made dehydrated meals and re-hydrate them at your convenience. This entails adding boiling water to a dry meal; it’s a no-muss, no-fuss to guarantee a hot meal in the wilderness!
  • You can rely on cold meals. These dishes require no extra preparation or tools beyond what you need to carry their ingredients. Sandwiches, trail mixes, and dried fruit are good examples – though anything you can eat without heating will fall into this category! Fair warning: these meals can get a little bland on multi-day hikes.


Most people prefer to rehydrate their meals. Preparing complete meals from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming, and eating cold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can get to be boring if you’re on the trail for for days on end. Rehydrating is the happy medium! You will need some basic gear, including: a stove, fuel, a lighter, spoons, and a lidded pot.

The Method

So how exactly do you prepare a rehydrated meal?

Set up your fire, then set your pot on the stove. Then, fill the pot with water and bring it to a gentle boil. Depending on your stove, this process may take anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes to get your water boiling. Next, you’ll want to add your dehydrated meal to the water. Give it a good stir and let it sit for about 10 minutes until the food is fully rehydrated.

Alternatively, you can rehydrate your meal via “freezer cooking.” To do this, bring your pot to a boil and and pour the piping water directly into your bag of food. Let the meal rehydrate for 10 minutes and eat it straight out of the bag! As a bonus, you could consider acquiring a food cozy. These insulated containers will keep the water in your food instead of evaporating into the air.

While it may seem tricky at first, preparing food at a campsite can be quick, easy, and filling. Enjoy your time on the trail, and happy cooking!

About Dan Jey

Dan Jey is a real estate agent who lives in Corona, California and services the surrounding areas. Over the years while working in the real estate industry, Dan has discovered, one of the best ways to connect with clients is to leverage his passions. Clients are attracted to work with Dan due to his superior market knowledge. “Knowing the market” and delivering a one-of-kind buying or selling experience are two of his strengths. A few of Dan’s passions are hiking and outdoors, food and wine, and the sport of Cricket. In addition to connecting with clients on these interests, Dan finds the pursuit of these passions relaxing. Dan believes that it is important to make time for relaxation—especially when you are a busy professional. Taking the time to pursue his interests during his free time allows Dan to return to work more focused and ready to serve his clients.

One sport in particular that Dan Jey likes is cricket, which is the most popular sport in his native country of Sri Lanka. The sport is popular in many other South Asian regions & the Commonwealth nations such as England, Australia and South Africa as well. Although the game isn’t that popular in the United States, over the years Dan has met clients who enjoy watching the sport as much as he does. Dan particularly likes watching short form cricket.

Corona, California is a fantastic location for people like Dan Jey who like to get outdoors. The city itself features a number of green spaces that are perfect locations to spend time with the family. However, the real appeal of Corona is that it is centrally located to many outdoor destinations. Dan has enjoyed hiking since college. In fact, when he was an undergrad he visited many parts of the world and hiked a number of notable trails. More recently Dan would go on backpacking trips on Mount Baldy, also known as Mount San Antonio. However, due to his busy career now Dan tends to hike in areas that are closer to his home.

Professional Overview

Since July 2014 Dan Jey has worked as a licensed realtor at Keller Williams, Corona. Dan has has achieved a great deal of success in a short span of time. For example, in 2015 he was awarded the “Rookie of the Year” award by Keller Williams. Dan attributes his success to his tireless work ethic and his commitment to exceptional customer service. It’s not unusual for Dan to work 18 hour days or spend his entire weekend hosting open houses. However, Dan thoroughly enjoys the time that he puts into selling homes. Seeing a customer’s reaction when he or she finally gets the keys to a new home never fails to make him smile.

Many of Dan’s clients leave positive reviews on his Zillow account after working with him. Most reviewers note Dan’s honesty, positive attitude, and dedication as three of the reasons why they enjoyed working with him. Getting feedback from clients is very important to Dan. He strives to provide clients with the best experience, but he knows he’s not perfect. One of the best ways to improve future client experiences is to hear from past clients so that he can perfect his craft continually and earn to be his client’s trusted advisor.