Family fun doesn’t have to stop when the summer ends and school starts up again. As the seasons change, a myriad of opportunities for exploration and creativity open for families of all ages; from holiday celebrations to simple,  spur-of-the-moment adventures. Don’t let the cooler weather make you complacent – go outside and enjoy all that the fall and winter seasons have to offer! Below, I’ve outlined just a few of the activities I enjoy taking up with my family when the latter months come about.


Find a Trail

You don’t have to be a lifelong hiker to enjoy an afternoon out of the trail. Just outside my home city of Corona, trails of all difficulty levels weave through the woods and sloping hills – and they likely do the same in your area, too. Take a few minutes to conduct a little research, and you are sure to find a few doable options that work for you. Take advantage of the fall to enjoy the shifting foliage and fresh air of a fall day in the woods!


Go Apple Picking

This one is a family favorite in fall. Drive the kids out of the city for a taste of fresh air and crisp apples. They will love the chance to explore sprawling orchards and gather new apples for your family’s fruit basket. After you make the trip home, consider crafting a seasonal pie with the apples you pick! Doing so will be a fun – and delicious – use of a weekend afternoon.


Run a 5K

Races for charity abound this time of year – so take advantage of the opportunity! Short races offer parents the change to instill a love for charity in their children at an early age. Additionally, parents can potentially stretch their involvement over the span of a few weeks by “training” for the 5K. With this approach, the whole family can set a healthy pattern of exercise, keep each other accountable, and have a good time to boot. Check your local listings for a summary of races approaching in your hometown!


Attend Local Festivals

The weather may be chillier, but that isn’t a reason to remain at home. Engage with others in your home community by attending local seasonal festivals or fairs. Even the smallest town has one or two a season, so check your hometown’s websites for information on upcoming events! Attending will open the way for a fun, engaging afternoon among others in your community.